Can RegCure Be Trusted?

Published: 14th May 2010
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Can RegCure be trusted?

If you keep on encountering errors like you computer is freezing or crashing often or if it is running slow, then Regcure can help you fix your PC and bring back the fast speed of your computer.

RegCure is recognized as one of the leading brands of registry cleaner available in the market today. There are many affirmative features of the product but also a few flaws that will be discussed. But it is tested that you will be in safe hands when you use this registry cleaner.

The client window that was downloaded was on our experiment computer in just a few minutes. The steering was simple to track and presented major options in the main window. Regcure is made for both average and more advanced users. Those who are not in much technical details and want to just repair all registry problems found by the software can do so without distressing about the software.

An characteristic that caught my interest was that the support of Regcure is good and it has an extensive FAQ and knowledge base at their website. Another key feature that impressed me was the number of choices for settings. We are fond of choices of how we would like to handle the products we utilize for our own ease.

All of the chief things needed by Windows registry in the registry cleaner scan options were present. Options include the following:

o Active X

o Application Paths

o Empty Registration Keys

o File and Path References

o File Associations

o Font Entry

o Help Files Info

o Program Shortcuts

o Shared DLLs

o Uninstall Entry

o Windows Startup

After a detailed review on RegCure, there are not so many optimization choices as compared to another top variety we tested called Registry Easy. Additionally, there were some problems deleting some errors located at the File/Path References group in the primary repair run. The next shot solved it.

As I was getting ready to use their product I had some clarifications and I wanted to ask their support team. Unfortunately, no one answered my queries. Luckily, I was able to find out myself without any complications to my PC.

A satisfying quality for their software would be some additional optimization tools. But these are not really important as they are not system optimizers.

Considering all their features, RegCure is integrated as one of our best registry cleaners. Again, Registry Easy will remain as our top choice due to the numerous amount of optimization and repair choices available.

In our free scan, RegCure initially was able to search for more than a thousand errors in my registry. After fixing the errors that were found, we used two other PC registry fix software products and scanned the system. Only Path Reference errors were found. This provided the assurance in the merchandise that we necessitate before giving it our seal of approval.

Before buying RegCure, try out the free scan first to check whether your PC needs some cleaning already. Test for errors before you totally make a purchase. Also, defrag you PC to make sure that slow performance is not caused by other problems.

So to answer to the question if can RegCure be trusted, I would say yes and I would add that there is nothing like having a computer running problem free.

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